Plaster Services

Running a ceiling medallion

Plaster, Flat & Ornamental

Edgewood Builders, Inc. works with both flat and ornamental plaster. Projects have ranged from simple repair/stabilization of flat plaster to the complete 3 step (scratch coat, brown coat, and finish coat) process for entire rooms. Ornamental plaster projects have included the repair of cornices and ceiling medallions, as well as the design, casting, and installation of ornamental plaster for new cornices and medallions. Ceiling medallions can range from a simple circle to a multi-faceted medallion including Greek keys, acanthus leaves, egg and dart, and in one instance gargoyle faces.

  • Stabilization of the South parlor ceiling at Drayton Hall
  • Repair and recasting of ornamental plaster ceiling, Manigault House stairwell ceiling
  • Cornice restoration, 83 Tradd
  • Ornamental restoration, ballroom, William Gibbes House
  • Creation of cornice and ceiling medallion, 43 Wentworth
  • Creation of ceiling medallions, 86 Warren Street
  • Unitarian Church – run molding at Gothic openings